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The Tire Repair Experts You Can Rely On

Having outstanding wheels and tires in excellent condition that can support your vehicle’s demand for speed and resist even the harshest surfaces is crucial for staying safe on the road. If the tires of any other part of your car are currently giving you trouble, you can turn to L.A. TIRE LLC for exceptional tire repair and related services. We are prepared to give excellent service to all our customers in Las Cruces, NM and the surrounding areas.

What We Offer

Tires and Wheel Repair

Tires and Wheel Repair
Tires and wheels can get damaged for numerous reasons, from a nail on the pavement to an accidental hit to a sharp or hard surface. If you need to fix any issues that are preventing the correct circulation of the tires and wheels of your vehicle, you can rely on our trusted car tire repair and wheel repair solutions!

Brake and Suspension Repair

Brake and Suspension Repair
Are your breaks making squeaky noises or taking a few additional seconds to stop the car completely? Or maybe your suspension is broken, and your car bounces every time you pass a speed bump. In either case, our excellent car brake repair and suspension repair services can help you!

Audio System Installation

Audio System Installation
Do you want to enjoy your favorite music while driving your car every day in the best audio quality available on the market? You can get a perfectly sharp and clear sound with the help of our audio specialists! We can install an astonishing audio system in your vehicle that exceeds your expectations.

Car Detailing

Car Detailing
Is your car paint damaged or without any shine? Or maybe its interiors are dirty and its headlights are cloudy. Putting your car in the skilled hands of detailing experts is an excellent way to boost its general appeal! You can ensure its impressive look by investing in our unparalleled car detailing services.

New Tires and Wheels

New Tires and Wheels
If you are looking to replace your vehicle’s old tires and wheels, you can get outstanding options at our dependable tire shop! Our extensive inventory is ideal for meeting the needs of many types of vehicles and many drivers’ preferences. Let us show you the perfect wheels and tires for your car!


Get Your Car to the Next Level

If you invest in an affordable tire service that can repair any issues in your tire’s surfaces or provide you with new tires ideal for your vehicle’s needs, you won’t need to worry about having flat tire incidents or similar inconveniences while on the road. Plus, with new tires, your vehicle will have optimal traction and handling, and a better performance overall.

How We Help You

Our professional team helps our valued clients select their ideal set of tires and wheels based on their vehicle’s characteristics and their driving needs. Plus, when doing repair work of any kind, we take the time to carefully inspect every piece and do meticulous procedures that ensure durable and flawless results.

Our Operation Areas

Our flexibility and unwavering commitment to help as many customers as possible allow us to bring our outstanding tire and related solutions to numerous locations! We can become your trusted tire and wheel shop if you live in Las Cruces, NM or any of the following areas:

  • University Park, NM
  • Anthony, NM
  • Anthony Town, TX
  • Westway, TX
  • Vinton Village, TX

If you are interested in making your car stand out for its beauty and performance on the road, you can get in touch with L.A. TIRE LLC and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We are eager to hear from you! Give us a quick call now!

Client Testimonials

by Angel H. Davila on L.A. TIRE LLC
Impressive Work!

I am absolutely impressed with the great work this shop's team did with my car! Their car brake repair service is highly affordable and has excellent results. My car hasn't given me any trouble since I took it to this shop!

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  • Break Repair
  • Suspension Repair
  • Audio System Installation
  • Car Detailing
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